Aging in Style

This room is an example of aging in style.  This couple living independently in their eighties has an eclectic collection of art  and wanted to modernize their living room. We started with slip resistant wood floors, the one area rug has a low pile and is taped to the floor.The elegant white leather sofa created a modern, simple  elegant flair.  The dimensions suited the ergonomic needs of the owners.  Mrs. “D”  is 5′ tall can sit on this couch and still have her feet touch the floor; the high arms provide leverage to easily get up and down and the leather sofa is just soft enough to be comfortable however not so deep and soft as to “swallow ” her tiny frame. The modern arm chairs have a wide base of support, enough arms to provide leverage for getting up and down and an easy hidden recliner option. Ambient light from the lamps as well as ceiling light  is augmented by LED reading lights next to both chairs where the couple reads. They love both ocean and desert as their art work suggests, a few modern accessories and pillows in their favorite blue, provide some color, interest and texture. They love their new room!