Erick & Irene - 64 About Me: Welcome to Dahlberg Design Studio founded by Nancy Dahlberg RN, ASID Affiliate. I have been designing homes and medical offices for much of my adult life, formally earning my Bachelor’s Degree In InteriorDesign in 2008 from Missouri State University. Born on the East Coast yet growing up in Southern California, I was exposed to the “Beauty of Nature” from the Ocean, to Mountains and Rivers, the Desert in Bloom and the magic of beautiful gardens in my own backyard. When my husband and I moved our family to the Ozarks 23 years ago, the abundant natural beauty of the area was captivating and continues to inspire me everyday, through every season. As a Nurse, I have been able to weave a unique understanding of Health Issues as they relate to all stages of the life cycle into my designs, particularly, “Aging in Place.” I have also been blessed to travel through much of America from the largest cities, to small towns and National Parks as well as abroad; I have a great appreciation for culture and history which has nourished my appreciation for a wide variety of design styles. I am grateful for all these experiences in my life and for the relationships I have formed as a result of practicing Interior Design.



Whether in Residential or Commercial settings, at any age, Dahlberg Design Studio is devoted to improving the lives of others by creating inspired, graceful living at home, work or play. Nature is my constant inspiration with her vast range of colors and patterns; I have a love of beauty both outside and in. Hence, Biophilic Design is my passion. The Pandemic has brought this aspect of home and office design Front and Center in the Design World. Great design happens layer by layer while freely engaging all of our senses. Beyond asking a client how they want a space to look, I ask how they want to feel when they are there. Well designed spaces are an outward expression of an inward journey. There is a sixth sense that means finding a sense of balance. Using this process culminates in helping my clients find what balance means to them, then making it happen; that is the joy of design for me. I enjoy the full spectrum of Historical, Traditional and Modern design as well as an eclectic mix.